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All CF workouts of the year have been updated and some pictures have been added to previous posts. I will need to go in and fix the posting dates so they are in order and in the right month, but you get the idea.

I'll continue to add my own workout log as time permits. Hopefully with more pictures this year.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

CFC Nutrition Challenge - Day 7

A full week in and I'm still logging my food. Go me! :-)

Today was an off-nutrition day as I didn't plan very well for the trip. Went to DC with my son and checked out the International Spy Museum. Pretty sweet! They say it takes two hours to go through. We took 6 and shut it down. Riding the Metro in and back out of the city was really nice. Check it out sometime!

Day 7:

Breakfast - 3 eggs, 3 turkey bacon pieces, 1/2 oz cheese, 5 dates,

Dinner - Pentagon Pear Chicken Salad at Capitol City Brewing Company

Supper - 3 oz BBQ pulled pork and 2/3 cup fries from Ollie's Trolley

Snack - 2 3/4 oz mixed nuts, 3 oz hamburger, sesame snack bar, 2 oz pork cracklins

Snack - 5 oz total of sweet bologna and swiss cheese cubes 


None - walked around DC and the International Spy Museum

Power Output (from - 

Not available

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