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All CF workouts of the year have been updated and some pictures have been added to previous posts. I will need to go in and fix the posting dates so they are in order and in the right month, but you get the idea.

I'll continue to add my own workout log as time permits. Hopefully with more pictures this year.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CFC Nutrition Challenge - Week 3, Tuesday

I always kick myself when I don't take advantage of downtime to do things like mobility stretches. Today there was a lot of downtime waiting for my truck to be repaired. Instead, I did some walking around the city and a whole lot of reading. Sometimes making yourself better is about mental manipulation too. A few hours later and I find myself in Winifred Montana writing emails on the wireless access at the grocery store. There is no cell phone coverage. Wonderful wide open spaces...and a lot of room to do walking lunges!

Day 16:

Breakfast - Two hard boiled eggs, two sausage patties, one apple

Snack - None

Dinner - Eggs, bacon, sausage, bowl of fruit, coffee

Snack - 1.5 oz almonds, 2 oz jerky, Larabar

Supper - Salad, 6 oz butter poached cod, 3 asparagus spears

20 min volume WOD
HSPU - 2 reps on minute for 5 rounds, 1 rep on minute for 15 rounds
Power Output (from - 

Not available

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